Hello and welcome.

My name is Mark Himsley.

I work in London UK for the British Broadcasting Corporation, where I've worked, on and off, since 1986.

Currently I am a software Architect embedded in two development teams who design and develop internal software and systems used across BBC News and other BBC short-form video editing areas.

I am a domain expert in broadcast video media, with many years of broadcast video experience. I am also a domain expert in the video media production system which one of the development teams development against. And I am a domain expert in the use of FFmpeg in a broadcast environment, with code I have created and fixed being included in FFmpeg.

For the 8 years prior to being an architect I was a software developer in the same development teams writing Java, SQL, Perl, and C.

Before that I was a video editor using Final Cut Pro, Avid, and Quantel non-linear video editing software. I edited BBC TV News packages, graphics sequences, complex multi-layer video sequences, and complete BBC programmes.

During the tail end of that job I spent half of my time as a software and systems developer. I wrote software and advised on new technologies, and helped to support the video digital production systems.

I have also been a Technical Operator recording and playing packages and programmes to air. I have been a Dubbing Mixer for for some BBC TV programmes. And I have worked as a Studio Manager in BBC radio.

When I wasn't working for the BBC I was part of a couple of startup Internet Service Provider companies, where I built and maintained the networks and servers; managed the hosting and databases; and wrote software in C, Perl and ColdFusion. We hosted web sites and offered other Internet services in our own facility and on servers we maintained at hosting facilities in Docklands, London.

When I'm not working you'll often find me at home I maintaining my GNU/Linux servers which serve several web sites, including this one, and serve my email, DNS and all other associated Internet services. They also provide DHCP, DNS, SMTP, IMAP, XMPP and other services, and IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity to my home network. I also do video editing and sound mixing at home on my non-linear edit systems and digital sound mixing systems.

If you want to contact me then please use the form below, I'd rather not give out my email address on a web site because it will get harvested and I will end up with even more SPAM for my email server to filter.

Thank you for your interest in mdsh.com.

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