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Download from

Extract to a temporaty folder
tar -C /tmp -zxf openfire_3_7_0.tar.gz

Rename containing folder and move it to /usr/local
sudo mv /tmp/openfire /usr/local/openfire-3.7.0

Patch openfire-3.7.0/conf/openfire.xml from the old one
diff -u -b -B openfire-3.7.0/conf/openfire.xml openfire/conf/openfire.xml > /tmp/openfire.diff
vim /tmp/openfire.diff
cd /usr/local/openfire-3.7.0/
patch -p1 - -dry-run </tmp/openfire.diff
patch -p1 </tmp/openfire.diff

Copy plugins from old plugins folder to new plugins folder.
Actually - this caused the server to fail to start, so it might be better to start the server without plugins, and re-instal them later.
cd plugins
cp -a /usr/local/openfire/plugins/gateway.jar ./

Copy security certificates from old resources/security folder to new resources/security folder
cd /usr/local/openfire-3.7.0/resources/security/
for i in ls;do mv $i ${i}-orig;done
for i in find /usr/local/openfire/resources/security/ -type f ! -name "*-orig";do cp -a $i ./;done

Stop service
Re-point sym-link /usr/local/openfire
Start service
cd /usr/local
sudo /etc/init.d/openfired stop && sudo rm openfire && sudo ln -sf openfire-3.7.0 openfire && sudo /etc/init.d/openfired start

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