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$ sudo apt-get install rubygems
$ sudo gem install nirvdrum-svn2git --source

The gem can be run from



$ mkdir project.git
$ cd project.git
$ svn2git --rootistrunk --trunk trunk

$ svn2git -h
Usage: svn2git SVN_URL [options]

Specific options:
--trunk TRUNK_PATH Subpath to trunk from repository URL (default: trunk)
--branches BRANCHES_PATH Subpath to branches from repository URL (default: branches)
--tags TAGS_PATH Subpath to tags from repository URL (default: tags)
--rootistrunk Use this if the root level of the repo is equivalent to the trunk and there are no tags or branches
--notrunk Do not import anything from trunk
--nobranches Do not try to import any branches
--notags Do not try to import any tags
--authors AUTHORS_FILE Path to file containing svn-to-git authors mapping (default: ~/.svn2git/authors)
--exclude REGEX Specify a Perl regular expression to filter paths when fetching; can be used multiple times
-v, --verbose Be verbose in logging -- useful for debugging issues

-h, --help Show this message

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