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Web Cams, live video streams, and recorded videos around Wengen

Live streams


Web Cams


Inner Wengen



Views from the Hotel Eiger in Muerren


Roundshot mountains

Jungfrau Ostgrat 3,697m

Mönchsjochhütte 3658m

Jungfraujoch 3,450m

Mittellegihütte 3,355m

Schilthorn Birg 2,677m

Lauberhorn Wixi 2,320m

Eigergletscher Nordwand 2,300m

Eiger Express Panorama Mast 4 1,650m

Männlichen 2,150m

Männlichen 2,150m

Niederhornbahn 2,062m

Schynige Platte 1,967m

Grindelwald First 1,950m

Schilthorn Allmendhubel 1,932 m

Grindelwald Bussalp 1,800m

Hotel Edelweiss Mürren 1,650m

Harder Kulm 1,322 m

Hotel Bellevue Wengen 1,274 m

Hotel Kirchbühl Grindelwald 1,160m

Hotel Belvedere Grindelwald 990m

Grindelwald Terminal Luetschine 937m

Mittaghorn Wengen


Wengen village close up

Wengen district with weather


Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen

Interlaken to Grindelwald then Kleine Scheidegg then Eismeer

Lauterbrunnen to Kleine Scheidegg

Zweilütschinen to Grindelwald

Kleine Scheidegg to Grindelwald

Schynige Platte Bahn

Harder Kulm Bahn

Not currently updating...

Kleine Scheidegg
Kleine Scheidegg Bahnhof Pinocchio Lift Kleine Scheidegg 2,068 m
currently offline

Männlichen 2,150m

V-Bahn construction - Eigergletscher Trafostation

V-Bahn construction - Holenstein

V-Bahn construction - Rothenegg

V-Bahn construction - Pavillon 1,000m

Schilthorn Birg

Schilthorn Allmendhubel 1,932 m

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